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senator graham. he said mr. graham is not right on this issue. this issue is only just beginning, as a political football, if you will, because there are serious differences between the president on the one hand and senator graham and several other republicans on the other hand. >> right. senator graham and other republicans are saying that the government did not connect the dots properly, to use that phrase. and it took about a nanosecond for senator graham to issue a press release responding to the president, and he said, with all due respect, mr. president, benghazi and boston are compelling examples how our national security systems have deteriorated on your watch. the president said that intelligence did what it needed to do. he was also, i thought, careful not to criticize the russians, although he did say, quote, suspicions remain between our government and the russian government because we also understand that the fbi went to the russian government asking for more information and did not get it back. one other little piece of information we learned here was that the russi
were involved in robbing the corner store. and then you have the other side, graham and mccain who say, enemy combatant, no miranda, et cetera. jay, where do you fall on it? >> i think the department of justice right now has done the right thing by utilizing the public policy exception to the mirandaizing. that gives the department of -- >> explain briefly what that is. >> if in fact based on evidence that this plot was more extensive. if it is more extensive, and we have no evidence of any of this, the government's going to find that out quickly. then they can make the decision to declare him an enemy combatant that way. i think it gives him time. look, this is not a crime. this is an act of terror, an act of war against the united states. the fact that they're a u.s. citizen, the supreme court just said even if you're a u.s. citizen, you could be held as an enemy combatant. i think based on what we're hearing, that decision will ultimately be made by the attorney general. but i think this is the clearly the case based on what we know for enemy combatant status. that would give us mor
tsarnaev, and bring him to trial if only republican legislators like lindsey graham could get out of the way, shut the you know what up and let authorities do their job, let the justice department bring him to trial in a federal court as they plan to do so. that's what is going on. the two big stories you can comment remember on all of that and a whole lot more by giving us a call at 866-55-press. join us on twitter @bpshow and on facebook at facebook/billpressshow. it is the "full court press," we're coming to you live all the way across this country, bringing you up to date on the stories of the day and giving you a chance to comment right here on current tv. ♪ 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. (vo) earth day isn't just for tre
lindsey graham and others calling for for some time some heightened u.s. military activity if not sending troops on the ground. i don't think anyone is anxious to see that happen, but at least providing weapons if you will to the syrian rebels. >> absolutely. you just heard from john mccain that's exactly what it's doing. in fact he's saying i told you so, now let's get on it. let's get a way to stop this. one thing i want to tell you that also happened in the hallway just around the time senator mccain was talking is former senator john kerry now secretary of state was going through the hallway of the capitol and we asked him, myself and other reporters, about these reports. and he said there will be a letter coming to answer the senators that will confirm two instances. wolf, that's new. that is not in this letter here which is the one that john mccain received. we went through it a couple of times. it does not say anything about two instances. so we're trying to find out if there's an additional letter coming because this is of course another fact, two instances, where were they, how d
bombing has begun. now senator lindsey graham, republican of south carolina kicked it off in an interview today with cnn. >> i think its system failure and they asked me, if the system fails who do you blame? well, you blame the people in charge of the system. between bengahzi and botch we're going backwards not forward in terms of national security. >> john: last year senator graham said former secretary of state hillary clinton quote got away with murder. she must have been to blame for that. and as for domestic secure responsibility would fall on president. >> obama: himself low graham didn't exculpate the u.s. counter terror agencies for their failure to follow up on the alleged bomber tamerlan tsarnaev after traveled overseas. >> when he leaves to go to russia and dagestan the department of homeland security picks up his leaving and returning but they don't share it with the fbi and c.i.a. >> meanwhile the surviving bomb suspect, tamerlan's brother dhzokhar stopped talking to investigators after he was read his miranda rights but not before he said to have mentioned a second target.
and stopped tracking him. senator land lindsey graham criticized for not doing more. >> tamerlan may be dead, but there is more in our backyard. the administration has oversold bin-laden. >> michael: now they're facing the threat of grandstanding g.o.p. senators. that's just great. there is some good news out of boston massachusetts' largest healthcare insurers are planning to wave out of pocket fees for the bombing victims and three of the city's hospitals are promising to delay billing the patients. that is great. in a letter to congress today there is evidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons against its own people. this is a very serious development because president obama has said repeatedly the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line and the u.s. would take action. chuck hagel in abu dhabi today. >> confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale. >> michael: hagel went on to say that the administration's primarily concern is keeping those weapons from ending up in the hands of terrorists. now on cap pal hill surprise, surprise, lind
's beers are on me. but before we put friday on the calen lar, let's get lindsey graham's assessment. >> what stands in the way of a deal? >> we have an agreement between business and labor, but we're hoping to get this done within the next couple of weeks, it's some issues by high-skill and low-skill workers. >> michael: he did give the bill a 70% chance of approval especially if marco rubio signs on. for more let's head to washington, d.c. sarlin. the "talking points memo" reporter is closely following the back and forth. bengie, how are ya? >> doing well. >> michael: bengie the gang of 8 already missed their march deadline, how close do you think they are? >> i believe they are very, very close. before this labor and business deal that you heard lindsey graham allewd to they were saying they were 90, 95% done. that doesn't mean you would have a bill in three or four days because they still have to write the bill. they haven't translated the points into the legal language. graham mentioned revisiting the labor/business deal. there has been discussion between agri
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seriously. >> a special discussion this morning with senator lindsey graham, republican of south carolina. and perspective from former ambassador and governor bill richardson. his deep experience dealing with the north koreans. former under secretary of defense, michele flournoy, and nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >>> plus, presidential politics. all eyes on hillary clinton after two high-profile speeches this week fuel speculation about another run for the white house. and the obama agenda, new jobs numbers undermine confidence in economic recovery. and a new budget compromise from the president. is it nearly enough for a grand bargain? cnbc's jim cramer joins the conversation this morning. >> announcer: from nbc news in washington, the world's longest running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >>> and good sunday morning. battles at home and abroad for the president as congress returns monday from a two-week easter recess. it's shaping up to be a spring filled with debate on the budget, immigration and guns. and now overseas a
also contributed to the reexamination of this plan. republican senator lindsey graham is circling the political wagons in his home state of south korea. senior national correspondent john roberts tells us the palmetto state has become a test market for the battle over the g.o.p.'s new attitude. >> the topic of the day is immigration reform. >> gang of 8 member lindsey graham, champion of immigration reform, now with a very large target on his back. >> who elected lindsey graham to demand millions more immigrant workers when so many south koreans are jobless? >> not me. >> opponents of immigration reform taking aim at graham and south korea as a test case. hoping if they can kill it here, they can kill it everywhere. >> he goes around talking about labor shortages. we're in the fifth year of a jobs depression. is he making speeches in congress and back home that he is trying to save america from the crisis of a labor shortage. >> graham insists he won't back down. that states like south korea need the cheap labor pool immigrants provide and that the 12 million people in the u.s. il
lindsey graham saying there are nuggets of this that make him optimistic about a grand deal. >> lindsey graham said it looks like we could be on the verge of a grand bargain again. it's coming to some good reviews from republicans. karl is right, on the left, particularly chained cpi and some of the other reductions in medicare and the social safety net that the president appears to be putting on the table, a lot of problems on the left there. so you have got -- how you put this together is going to be a big problem. on the other hand, he does, you know, when you look at the 2.5 trillion in reduction ares that have already happened, according to the administration, 1.8 trillion that he is putting on the table now, that gets you to $4.3 trillion. what both parties -- right in the range of what both parties are looking for. they can get a deal. if lindsey graham and others can put a deal together here and take the president's compromise which i think the problem is going to be with the compromise it's going to be democrats on the left. can you get enough votes there to agree do it? >> bre
south carolina, lindsey graham. senator, with welcome back to the program. you're just back to the u.s. from being in the middle east. i want to ask you about syria as well in just a couple of minutes. let me start with north korea and what we're dealing with. a couple of headlines in the magazines caught my attention in "the economist" and in "the w k week" magazine. is can kim crazy? korean roulette. this war of words escalation, are we heading to a conflict with north korea? >> i think what bothers me the most the tolerance in south korea for this kind of provocation is greatly -- they're not going to put up with this anymore. if there were a south korean naval vessel sunk this year, anytime soon, or a shelling by nor north korea, i think the new president of south korea would be compelled to act. i think the north koreans are overplaying their hands. i'm glad we're not doing the ballistic missile test. i'm glad we're telling our allies south korea and gentlejae literally have your back. and the north koreans need to understand if they attack an american interest or an ally of th
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're hearing, it was that lowest threshold. >> now, senator lindsey graham is saying there was misspelled paperwork in the form of misspelled names. which resulted in a failure to follow up these individuals. is it really possible that a simple spelling error may have caused a breakdown in the communication here? >> i -- short answer, i don't know in this case. however, i will tell you that transliteration, in particular from arabic, for example, translated to english, vice versa, at times can cause con nu confusion to the system but not a breakdown. >> the relationship between intelligence agencies here and russia and perhaps a lack of cooperation between the two. >> well, at least through my time in government, with most allied countries and even nominal allies, at the law enforcement level and intel, usually quite good. it's kind of a comrade in arms type approach. there is, however, though, martin, sometimes there are political considerations. we don't know if we have that here. but in this case, if there was something really compelling on the russian side, it brings up the question,
.s. involvement? we'll hear from three key senators on both stories. south republican lindsey graham. missouri democrat claire mccaskill. and georgia republican saxby chambliss. we'll get the latest from boston from cbs investigators john miller and bob orr, and analysis on all that and more from peggy noonan of the "wall street journal." harvard university's david gergen. cbs this morning cohost norah o'donnell. foreign correspondent clarissa ward, just back from sirpia. and political director john dickerson. plus the highlights will of last night's correspondents' dinner. it's all next on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning, again. south carolina republican lindsey graham is in cottonwood, arizona, this morning. and, senator, thanks for coming. i want to start with the-- some of these details, more details now coming out on the russian bombers and their family. it now turns out not only was one of them on a u.s. terror watch list, but also his mother as well. what do you make of this?
. with senator lindsey graham arguing that failure to intervene in syria would embolden other rogue nations like north korea and iran. >> if we keep this hands-off approach to syria, this indecisive action toward syria kind of not knowing what we're going to do next, we're going to have a war with iran because iran is going to take our inaction in syria as meaning we're not serious about their nuclear weapons program. >> graham raised further alarms about inaction for security here at home. citing syria's store of chemical weapons. >> the chemical weapons, enough to kill millions of people, are going to be compromised and fall in the wrong hands, and the next bomb that goes off in america may not have nails and glass in it. >> but even senator graham agrees the situation in syria is difficult to say the least. in "the new york times" this weekend, a lengthy report on the increasing islamist dominance of the opposition. "nowhere in rebel-controlled syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of." as such, the question of further military aid to the resistance is fraught with potentially disa
showing democrats are intolerate of entitlement reform. >> michael: on sunday lindsey graham was on tv saying this. >> the president showing a little bit of leg here. this is somewhat encouraging. his overall budget is not going to make it but he has made a step forward in the entightment process that would allow a guy like me talk about flattening the tax code and republican educating more revenue. >> michael: that excites lindsey graham, even saying "showing a little bit of leg oh here" is he following for it? >> oh, please, don't get me started with the comfort zone of sexist speech. i'll show i am a little leg but i'll be kicking the whole time. i have to back up and ask us not to keep using this language of entitlement. this is collective pooling of resources particularly of us americans who don't have a huge number of dollars and making them work for us a group. this is not unlike the way lobbyists work in washington all the time. to all my liberal left he leaning, civilized people stop using the word "entitlement." that's just an insult. conceding on their terms has been the big
/11. well, senator lindsey graham has been outspoken on how the younger suspect ought to be handled by authorities. here's senator graham. >> two things should happen. when the public safety exception expires, and it will here soon, this man, in my view, should be designated as a potential enemy combatant, and we should be allowed to question him for intelligence-gathering purposes to find out about future attacks and terrorist organizations that may exist. >> mike: there's a part of me that really wants to agree with the senator. he's my friend, and i like him a lot, but if he's asking us to ar understanding of the due process of law that has established us as a unique light among the darkness in this world, then i have to think through that very carefully. yes, i want to be able to question these guys. no, i don't want them to get all lawyered-up. but at the same time we're a country of laws. i do want our country to acknowledge terrorism when it's obvious terrorism. for example, i want us to say, fort hood, that was terrorism. little rock, the shooting of the soldier outside the
senators includes lindsey graham called for. senator graham challenged them saying the decision they made premature. let's listen. >> here's my concern. as a lawyer for over 30 years, civilian and military, i strongly support the concept that no criminal defendant should ever be required to incriminate themselves while they're in custody of the government. every nation at war should have the ability to defend themselves by gathering intelligence. these are not mutually exclusive concepts. i believe our nation is at war. the enemy is radical islam defined as the taliban, al qaeda, and affiliated groups. the question i have regarding this case, is there any association between these two individuals and the groups i just named, to allow enemy combatant status to be conferred upon the suspect in boston? >> let's drill down on the legal status of the boston bombing suspect. kendall coffey. the great jonathan turley, here in washington. thank you for this. can they decide later if a piece of evidence shows up a week from now, that shows a connection, e-mail, whatever, connection with al qaeda,
and he will start talking. >> i want to go to bill about this lyndsay graham talking about how the fbi didn't know that tamerlan went on a overseas trip because his name was misspelled. >> he went over to russia, but apparently when he got on the airplane they miss sh -- misspelled his name so it never went in the system that he went to russia. >> it happens to you all the time. schulz with a t and schulz without a t. >> it has let me live on the funds of snoopy money. i am related to charles and off i go. if lyndsay graham had just stuck to that talking poimt he could have gone to any one of the sunday shows. lyndsay graham is on more sunday shows than self-important music on the sunday shows. he had to keep going. on one hand they talk about how much they love the constitution and unless it gets in the way of enemy combatants when this guy can't be one. he did just that. >> the supreme court as recently as 2004 has said it is permissible to declare an american citizen an enemy combatant. >> if they are tied to al-qaeda. he is tied to some other muslim thing in chechnya if it is that.
't happen to make sure important lessons are addressed. he did go after senator graham. he said mr. graham is not right on this issue. the president did not back off at all when he defended the fbi and the entire investigation. >> you're right. the president was unwaivering in his support of fbi and the jttf. he has maintained that they've done -- the information sharing has been excellent and that there are some things, some times, when you just can't catch a terrorist act before it happens. so he sort of repeated a thing we've heard from him before suggesting that he didn't say it quite explicitly, that senator graham is pushing this issue too hard. we heard it after senator graham attacked him over the benghazi incident. senator graham is up for reelection. perhaps there's a political back and forth over this issue is the intimation there. more broadly the president did confirm the dni clapper is doing its intelligence review. he views that as just standard procedure, not a sign that there's something amiss or we should see that as a sign of a failure. on the syria question, it was wort
it as enemy combatant, military court. i know john mccain, lindsey graham, couple of others are pushing for that. you need a little more evidence to know whether you can do that. you really have to know, did he become part of the terrorist war against the united states? these e-mails and texts that they're discovering kind of make a pretty good case that he was part of a group that's at war against the united states. if you can make that case, then you could try him in a military court. you could try him in guantanamo bay and not have the spectacle of this trial having to take place in boston or some other place where they would change venue. >> are you sure about military court? as i understand, it was for noncitizens and for foreign nationals. >> if a citizen becomes part of the war effort against the united states -- let's take an example like this. let's take the second world war. let's say an american citizen went to germany and joined the nazi army and invaded the united states, we could try that person in a military court. now, the nature of this war is so ambiguous, you're going
the need for more robust background checks. of course, flake wasn't alone. lindsay graham actually said over the weekend that the specifics of newtown don't necessitate further action on background checks. >> nothing we're talking about would prevent nowtown from happening. the guy did not fail a background check. >> now graham said that despite the fact that a background check forced adam lanza to walk away from a gun purchase in the days before the shooting according to the l.a. times. the "times" wrote that lanza attempted to purchase a rifle from a gun store but was turned away because he didn't want to wait for the required 14-day background check. senator chuck schumer, of the so-called universal background checks bill left off the universal part when discussing what he thought could be accomplished. >> i'm working very hard with both democrats and republicans pro nra and anti-nra people to come up with a background check bill that will be acceptable to 60 senators and be very strong and get the job done. >> still, some affected by gun violence continue to put up the good fight. >
courtesy of republican senator lindsey graham from south carolina. he said in an interview, quote, any time you challenge the president, president obama, is good politics. good politics? and that's why it's so hard to get things done in washington. republicans have been blocking the president on everything. on gun control. on immigration. on gay marriage. on a fair budget. they've even opposed him on policies they used to support. in the process, the gop has made the choice to hurt real americans. all in the name of so-called good politics. if he's for it, they're against it. and the president knows it. >> they've said no to just about every idea i've proposed, every policy i've proposed. even ideas they've traditionally agreed with. no, i'm not exaggerating. i mean, we had situations where they would sponsor bills, i'd say okay, and then they'd say, oh, well if you're okay with it we must be against it. happened a bunch of times. it's true. >> yes, it's true. and thanks to senator graham, we know why and from the first day he took office we've been seeing the blocking, the ugly attacks, th
. they never made it into the system because according to lindsay graham, it may have been misspelled. here with us is former l.a. pd fact furman and jim emerson. welcome back to hannity. >> thank you. >> mark, you have the right to romaine silent. anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. this is what is infuriating. he's just beginning to communicate. what information does he have? is there an ongoing threat he knows about? is there foreign connections, foreign links we don't know about? are we going to give him miranda rights at this point in time? go ahead. >> it seems like we've got plenty just on face value to actually prosecute him. we don't really need an admission. but to advise him of his miranda rights, we hear that he was advised today of his miranda rights. how did he respond? did he say he wanted to remain silent or did he waive that and he wants to talk without his attorney present? the interesting part about miranda is once you give somebody miranda they say i want to be silent, you cannot constantly go back to the well and keep asking them do you
richardson and senator graham and michele flournoy have said, no one knows really what is motivating him except trying to assert his leadership. who is the puppeteer? the military more than likely. is he going to do something irrational or will there be a miscalculation? i've been there a couple of times, to pyongyang with bill richardson, and the proximity, 800,000 forward deployed north korean troops and south koreans and americans, we would object lit rate north korea. you have 35 million people living within miles. >> how dangerous -- you once said that north korea was as dangerous as iraq the last decade. do you still think they're that dangero dangerous? >> crazy people and nuclear weapons, those who pro-liver yate throughout the world are incredibly dangerous. that's why we need to stop syria from getting chemical weapons. the one thing i'm trying to stress is the politics in south korea are strained. there will be no more tolerance for sinking south korean naval vessels or killing civilians by north korea. they need to understand that. that's my biggest fear, guys, that if there'
. but there are two ways to get to the goal, one of them is to do what john and lindsay graham wawant to do and no miranda issues and question him forever . i would like to see that and i generally think it is it the better way to go here. you could question him forever and he already made a confession that is admissible to the guy they kidnapped. as far as i can tell, the guy they kidnapped he and his brother confessed they were the guys who did the bombing. >> but neither he nor his brother wanted to kill themselves . that distingished them from the cazer terrorist. >> when we were talking we didn't know what he would do. it is interesting to me that he had plenty of opportunities to kill. he was not rushing to the 72 virginings . maybe he was not sure of that process. >> do you are it a terrorist incident? >> absolute >> do you find the ft. terrorism. >> i think the administration handled this as well as they could. >> why is the case of ft. hood. >> it is a travesty. it may be a clearer terrorist incident than this is. this guy in the american military went over to the other say and wor
for the justice system to, quote, do its job. meanwhile, senators john mccain and lindsey graham say the injured suspect is not, not entitled to his miranda rights. they want dzhokhar tsarnaev to be treated as an enemy combatant. and the transit police officer injured in a shootout with the suspects remains in critical condition. don't forget about this hero. officer richard donahue being treated for a single gunshot wound. meanwhile, authorities are still looking at another disaster further south, way further south, trying to get to the bottom of what caused that blast at the fertilizer plant in west, texas. fox'sdom nick is there with the -- dominic is there with 14 dead. >> 200 injured. we understand from the authorities that 14 bodies have been recovered. they do not expect that number to rise much, if at all. 13 critically ill in hospital. it's unclear now on day three after the disaster how many of those will pull through. they think most of them actually will. the bodies of those that have been recovered from the site here in west have been taken to dallas for forensics. those that were m
, senator graham says they should label the surviving brother as an enemy combatant which is possible under u.s. law so he can be interviewed about possible overseas ties and later read him his rights and prosecute him in federal court. >> you don't want to turn over intelligence gathering to a criminal defense lawyer and the terrorist. you want to be able to gather tell without a lawyer present. under the law of war there is no right to a legal counsel when you're being questioned for national security purposes. i hope the obama administration will allow us that option that exists in our law. they have a very bad track record here. >> reporter: fox news is told investigators are probing a potential link to a islamist group as first reported on fox over the weekend. they were responsible for the attack on moscow airport. in response the group issued a statement saying their disagreement is with russia. they did not deny knowing the brothers. also according to one source who has reviewed that, they were undercut in their claims trying to deny any connection because they pointed the finger as
n . >> buenas tardes hoy es viernes 26 de abril, lindsey graham a prueba reforma, mccain estÁ po ti nishtoptimist. alivio en las demoras de los aeropuertos, la casa blanca quiere pagar a los controladores. estados unidos reacciona a el arresto en venezuela de un no h norteamericano acusado de promover de violencia, el departamento de estado le exige a caracas informaciÓn y un abogado para el detenido. y conoceremos al miguel Ángel mexicano un diestro pintor que en una parroquia de mÉxico re produce el gÉnesis de la capilla sixtina comenzamos. ( ♪ mÚsica ♪ ) >>> este es su noticiero univisiÓn con jorge ramos y mar marÍa elena salinas. quÉ tal buenas noches, senadores que trabajan en la reforma migratoria se sienten optimistas que tendrÁn los votos suficiente para su su aprobaciÓn, segÚn john mccain podrÍan contar con unos 70 votos, necesitan Únicamente 60 pero aun queda mucho por hacer el proyecto de ley es a toda bien el sxhitcomÉ jurÍdico del senado, y a todo bien que los grupos lo hagan y no sea descarrilado, lourdes tiene el informe. ( ♪ mÚsica ♪ ) >>> en
graham of south carolina goes on to say that the man talked about killing americans for months and engaging in radical jihad against the united states. we were unable to connect the dots, he says. we learn that he and his younger brother had also planned to target times square next. the older brotr died in issue and with police. the no. 1 is now in custody, has been moved from a boston hospital to a federal prison facility. the, you know about intelligence business. does lindsey graham have a case here? >> as an know. intelligence services fail all the time, even the good ones. because intelligence is so hard. you are looking for needles in haystacks. the relevant question is how many things have they stopped? yes, this one got through, but i think they stopped a lot of stuff, too. >> i would agree with that. it is not as if he was never on their radar, was. that is both good and bad. we almost got this one right but i do not think this was an intelligence failure. i do think it was a bit of a screw up but we will learn something from it. i do not think -- from this i do not t
to one of its members. senator lindsey graham told cnn's "state of the union" today that he expects to have a draft bill by the end of the week. >> i believe it will pass the house because it secures our borders. it controls who gets a job. as to the 11 million, they will have a pathway to be citizenship. but it will be earned, and it will be long, and it will be hard, and i think it is fair, the main thing, the combination of events in this bill will prevent a third wave of illegal immigration. >> florida republican senator marco rubio said today no deal has been reached but others called the differences just semantics. >>> a shocking case of alleged abuse caught on camera. >> i'm going to teach you a lesson, buddy. >> a school bus aide in port st. lucie, florida, has been arrested and charged with stalking after this surveillance footage showed her allegedly bullying a 5-year-old boy. she can be seen towering over the crying child, berating him and stomping her foot. cnn has attempted to contact the woman, and the school district for comment, but we have not yet received a respons
on policy. we're seeing everyone is celebrating in an optimistic way by senator lindsey graham, senate schumer even the house. but now we see senator rubio throwing cold water on the whole effort. >> john: not yet he hasn't. he's holding the bucket. >> he is staying pretty child. he's urging to take a fresh look. that really means to open the doors to alabama senator and texas senator who are really anti-immigrant opponents from any type of immigration reform let alone any "o" any bipartisan efforts. >> john: it's like he's telling the gang of eight that he's out of the gang. but is he out of i am kind of reform and he has his eyes on dc. you can't win the one out was the latino vote. >> that's what he's trying to handle and balance out from one instance clearly the politics for any presidential candidate you have to have some support for immigration reform. but then you have the other side that is really staunch. we're seeing senator rubio having a difficult time challenging his party at the same time trying to have a deal to ensure that he has some recognition. we're seeing in my per
graham the vapors at this point? to me, this is part of this obama derangement syndrome. doesn't matter if it's benghazi, the boston bombing, libya, it's always the president's fault, he's always done something wrong, they always demand answers immediately. do you know how many of these happened on george bush's watch? i mean, you know, the fact is there was confusion that night and there was an investigation that was ongoing, and i just don't think this is -- everything is watergate to them. >> the problem with this line of analysis is when you look at lindsey graham or john mccain, these are two of the three senators calling for an independent commission to investigate what happened. these are also two republicans who broke ranks with many other republicans to defend president obama on national security. for example, with regard to the campaign in libya. these are folks who have been very happy to actually say that president obama made the right call in many cases. so the fact that they're actually saying now look, wait a second, we don't know everything that happened, let's actually
:53 - 1:57 s/ sen. lindsey graham, south carolina "you're going to have to earn the right to be an american. it's fair, it's tough, but it's going to be available" el senador lindsey graham dijo que los indocumentados tendran que ganarse el derecho de convertirse en ciudadanos.. que el camino es justo y dificil, pero estar disponible para quienes hayan llegado al pais antes del 31 de diciebre de 2011. dirigiendose a los detractores de la medida, graham aseguro que quiere evitar una tercera ola de inmigrantes indocumentados. outro ---el congreso comenzar a debatir el proyecto de reforma migratoria en junio.. ---es todo de mi parte, regreso con ustedes. ===roll ticker=== cesar ---tiempo de la primera pausa , pero mas adelante... take vo cesar ---en el este de la bahia arrestan a otro menor de edad en conexion con el asesinato de un paramedico de san jose... take vo blanca ---en oakland buscan la ayuda del publico para encontrar nuevas soluciones en el combate la prostitucion... take sot --- javier castro take live cesar ---recuerde que personal de la organizacion sire se enc
graham seem to have forgotten that we are a nation of laws. >> stephanie: what is it just to seem tougher? >> i think lindsey graham was getting more information about his ties to al-qaeda. and on his hospital bed yesterday he said they are religious, but they don't have ties to any larger network. >> stephanie: yeah. exactly. that's what the fbi was saying initially. can i just say one of my favorite things is -- is the description -- because, you know, he was mad initially what he was tweeting was that you killed my brother. i think he actually killed his brother. >> that was a fake twitter account. >> stephanie: oh, okay. but, you know, that he was -- but i'm just saying that was -- i thought i was the only one that thought that that it was a little road runner he had explosives and he was run over by his brother and dragged like 30 feet and it just was -- i don't know, somebody said he was holding an acme receipt, and i don't think so. my buddy howard kurz wrote the police and this is what i said about the plitttt -- chuck grassley rushed in to say he
voice heard for the first time of alexander graham bell on a wax and cardboard disk dated april 15, 1885, 20 years to the day after the death of lincoln. >> hear my voice. alexander graham bell. >> what that was there, hear my voice, alexander graham bell. the disk was first discovered by an indiana university sound historian. >>> when we come back an emotional reunion in boston. >>> these days in boston the wounded are being reunited with the total strangers who in many cases saved their lives. we learned more today about one of the wounded -- a woman in a now famous photograph. kerry sanders has our report from boston tonight. >> reporter: she was but five feet away when the first bomb exploded. >> i don't know how you can put a bomb there and look at the people around and know that you're going to kill them. i don't understand it. >> reporter: victoria mcgrath's rescue was captured in this iconic image. >> thank you. >> reporter: on tuesday, victoria met the man who carried her to safety -- firefighter jimmy plourde. >> you looked at me like, i'm so scared. i'm like, we're out of here
for "the bloomberg view." karen, let's talk about south carolina senator lindsey graham. first he tells "the new york times" that any time you challenge the president, it's good politics. quote. then he goes on with david gregory and says, there are "nuggets that he finds optimistic in the president's budget." is he confused or is this a deliberate strategy? >> yeah, i think he's a bit confused because actually it means the deal that the president put on the table, whether you like it or not, is basically the last best offer he put on the table last year that the republicans walked away from. the president throughout this process has been extremely consistent about a balanced approach and how he wants to do these things. personally, i actually looked at lindsey graham's comments as his being the one person who maybe understands the politics of this because i think boehner sort of dismissing it out of hand made him look foolish and played into this narrative the republicans are the not willing to compromise at all. maybe lindsay fwrey graham is t to sound reasonable. >> i think speaker b
senator lindsey graham came out as a no saying it is not a solution to illegal gun violence. instead of expanding a broken back ground check system, let's fix it. and susan collins became the latest to back the bill and heidi is now refuting a new york time story that claims she will be a no. saying that she is right now undecided. that leaves seven senators, four democrats and three republicans who are still on the fence. and by the latest nbc count, it is six votes shy of passage to come today or tomorrow or wednesday. the vote is expected to be so tight that senator frank lautenerg who is 89 and has been away from washington due to illness has just confirm that he will return to the capitol to cast his vote. kelly, take a deep breath. a lot is going on. you've been doing an incredible job keeping us up to date. as we see most important today, toomey and manchin taking questions and talking with their colleagues. >> they have so much on the line. their name are anonymous with this bill and they have their reputations. both have an nra rating at the highest level and both are trying
that potential skittishness within the gop, senators mccain, graham and rubio all went out of their way on friday before dzhokhar tsarnaev was even captured to engage in this debate that boston shouldn't jeopardyize immigration reform. again on sunday, the bill's sponsors tried to argue that what happened in boston proves the status quo on immigration is what is unacceptable. >> the 19 hijackers were all students who overstayed their visas. and the system didn't capture that. we're going to fix that. >> certainly keeping the status quo is not a very good argument given what happened. there are some, some on the hard right, some otherwise, who oppose our immigration bill from the get-go. they're using this as an excuse. we are not going to let them do that. >> there may be a danger here for gop senators who might be waivering on immigration reform. you're pursuing reform because you realize your party can't afford to lose latino voters by 44 percentage points. at the same time you're invoking two men who are already in the country legally and aren't latino. what message does that send to latino vo
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